Thursday, January 28, 2016


The 67th Republic Day Celebration at Kharupetia on 26th January, 2016 on Tuesday:

                 Like long past years this year also the 67th Republic Day was celebrated at Kharupetia Town centrally at Kharupetia Town Field with whole day long colourful programmes. The ceremony was started with Morning Procession early in the morning at about 5 a.m. with a bus boarding over 30 boys, girls & intellectual persons decorated with national flag, colour balloons, papers and Mic Set. The bus went through all the roads of the town with patriotic songs, slogan and speeches. At 7.30 a.m. the Chairperson of Kharupetia Town hoisted the National Flag in front of Kharupetia Town Committee Office. In Schools, colleges and other establishments the national flags were hoisted at 7.30 a.m. to 8 a.m. 

               The occasion was centrally celebrated at Kharupetia Town Field where the students from different schools under Kharupetia Town, invited guests, respected public of this town, invited personals from Police Department, Fire Service Department, Health Department jointed in this Flag Hoisting programme. The Hon’ble Circle Officer of Dalgaon Revenue Circle cum Executive Officer of Kharupetia Town Committee was also presented in the programme. 

                After having Guard of Honour from the police personals to the presented SDC, Chairperson Miss Krishna Saha along with other members of Kharupetia Town Committee and public the students of Morning Star English High School made parade with their own band party. Then the Chairperson Miss Krishna Saha was invited to hoist the National Flag. At about 8.30 a.m. she hoisted the Tricoloured Flag and presented all persons gave their salutes to the National Flag with the slogans “VENDE MATARAM”, JAIN HIND etc. 

            The national anthem was sung by the students and teachers of Sailabala High School. The chairperson Miss Krishna Saha addressed the public of Kharupetia Town and made a speech and describe about the running and fore-coming schemes at Kharupetia Town from her body. The patriotic songs and dances delivered by the students from Tiger Sanjeet Vidyalaya, Kharupetia Town Girls’ H.E. School, Sailabala High School, Venus Sanjeet Vidyalaya, Kharupetia. 

              An invited team from Mangaldai performed Mukabhinay and dances in the programme. Fruits and nutrias soft drink were distributed among the patients at Kharupetia 30 beded Primary Hospital. At noon a pity Cricket Match was played among the Town Committee 11th and the Teachers 11th.


           Jiban Jyoti Self-help Group (A Registered N.G.O.) of Kharupetia Town (its office at Old Market, Kharupetia) has celebrated the 67th Republic Day with the country at Old Market in front its office. At about 7.30 a.m. the Secretary of the Group SRI PRADIP SAHA hoisted the National Flag with all the members of the group and the invited persons and public. 

                 The president of the Group Sri Abhijit Dutta and Sri Nitai Banik, Keshob Das helped the Secretary in hoisting the Flag. The place of celebration was decorated with coloured balloon, papers and cloth. Patriotic songs were played in Mic  whole day. In connection of this auspicious day, a number of blankets were distributed by the Jiban Jyoti Self-Help Group to the poor, sick and old persons. 

                  The distribution ceremony was started before the Group’s office at Old Market. Sri Ananda Saha (a well-known teacher and social worker) presided over the distribution ceremony. As chief Guest Mrs. Piyu Nandi, Headmistress of Kharupetia Town Girls’ H.E. School was presented. Mr. Babul Paul, Mr. Dilip Paul, Mr. Ashim Kanti Sarkar, Mr. Tarun Taran (all are teachers of Kharupetia Town Girls H.E. School), Mr. Anand Bihari Singh from Sailabala H.E. School, Nani Gopal Saha (Blogger of the web site were also presented in this distribution ceremony as Guests. 

Mr. Anand Bihari Singh, Sri Ananda Saha and Mrs. Piyu Nandi, Ashim Kanti Sarkar made their speeches and they inspired the members of the Group for their holy job. They also praised the members of Group for coming forward to help the poor and old sick persons of the society. After their speeches the blankets from the Group were distributed among the presented beneficiaries. 

           After closing the programme all presented invitees were served sweets. In this auspicious programme was arranged by the inspiration of the Secretary of Group Sri Pradip Saha.

            This kind of holy effort of the JIBAN JYOTI SELF-HELP GROUP with remind by the public for ever.

Sunday, September 20, 2015



The Teachers’ Day-2015 was celebrated at Kharupetia Town Girls’ H.E. School on 5th September, 2015, Saturday with whole day long colourful programme. The programme was started at about 9 am with the lighting of Holy Lamp by the Headmistress Mrs. Piyu Nandi of the School along with other teachers and students of the school. The central meeting stage and hall were well decorated with coloured cloths, balloon and papers. Almost students of the school were presented and they sat calm and quietly on the bench and all clapped their hand after delivering programmes  such as devotional songs, recitation, speech etc. made by the presented Hon’ble invited guests, teachers & students.

The Inspector of Schools of Darrang District Circle, Mangaldai was invited in this programme as well as he was presented in the function. He offered his homage to the Photo (Idol) of Dr. Radhakrishnan. Following them the Headmistress, Mirs. Piyu Nandi and other teachers of the school offered their homage to Dr. Radhakrishnan. A coloured and large Cake was brought to this auspicious programme and it was cut by the Honourable Chief Guest Md. Sadullah Khan, Inspector of  Schools, Darrang. The teachers and students helped him in it and they all clapped their hand to cheer the cake-cutting programme along with all students, guests presented in the programme. 

Mr. Khan delivered a short but meaningful speech to the audience and he advised the students to following the teaches speeches and obey the rules and regulations of educational establishment for rising in the future life. Mrs. Nandi, H.M. of the school thanked the I.S. for joining the programme and good wishes for the school and students. The General Secretary also thanked the I..S. for his kind step on the programme. Then the students of the school delivered a number of devotional and other songs, dances, speech, recitation etc. Mr. Amalendu Bikash Das, the Former H.M. of this school was also invited in this programme and he was facilitated by the teachers and students in this programme.The blogger i.e. I was also invited by the Hon’ble H.M. Mrs. Piyu Nandi. I was also facilitated by the students and teachers in this auspicious programme. In the noon all the presented guests, audience , students, teachers were served meal which were very testy.

       I wish to convey my heartiest gratitude to the H.M. Mrs. Piyu Nandi Di  for her invite to join me in the programme. If I would not presented in the programme, then I might be deprived from enjoyment of a such colourful and disciplined programme.

N.B. : I am sorry for uploading this information lately for my absent at Kharupetia due to my sudden tour in Bihar.

Sunday, September 21, 2014



Jnanendra Mohan Saha in youth days.
 An active Social worker, Former Vice-Chairman of Kharupetia Town, Ward Commissioner of Ward No.3 of several terms,Former President of Managing Committee, Saila Bala High School & Central Town L.P.School, Founder Member of Milan Sangha (at Present Mitali Sangha) respected JNANENDRA MOHA SAHA is no more among us. He died on 10th September, 2014, Wednesday at about 6 p.m. in the evening at his own residence in Ward No.3 near Central Town L.P. School leaving 4 sons and four daughters.
His short life History
Jnanendra Mohan Saha is taking oath from the Judicial Magistrate as the Member of KTC
        Jnanendra Mohan Saha wan born in the year 1920 at Shaturia, Dist. Dhaka, Sub-Division - Maymansing in undivided India in present Bangadesh. He was the eldest son of Radhika Lal Saha and Phanibana Saha. He has another two brothers also. He studied in Saturia School upto 9th Standard and then came to Assam in the Year - 1948 and started cloth selling business at first. Then he did Fariamy business (purchase of Agricultural products in weekly market and export them out of this place. Then he involved in Tobacco business. He was a well established businessman. The he set up a rice mill also.
Jnanendra Mohan Saha and his wife Smt. Durga Rani Saha
He got married with Mrs. Durga Rani Saha, The three sons and three daughters born in his family. Besides running his business, he was interested in doing social works. He had gone in everyone's house if he heard any kind of problem of them. He lived in a joined family with his other three brothers, their wives , children daughter, son-in-law, grand sons etc.

Kharupetia Town Committee was established in the Year- 1960 and he became the member of the first body (Adhoc Committee) . First election of Kharupetia Town Committee was held in the Year 1962 and he had elected as Ward Commissioner of Ward No.3. In the next elected body of K.T.C. he become the Vice-Chairman when Chairman was respected Ram Narayan Choudhury (Rambabu). In election of 1972 he was elected as Ward Commissioner again. In the next body of K.T.C. he became Vice-Chairman again in the year - 1976 when Chairman was Md. Dungarmal Jain and remain in the post upto 1982. He again became Vice-Chairman of Kharupetia Town Committee in the Year 1983 with the Chairman Sri Fateh Chan Saowgi in the Ad-hoc Committee. From 1992 to 1996 he was the Ward Commissioner of Ward No.3. He became the president of the Managing Committee of Sailabala High School in the 1985 along with the President of Managing Committee of Kharupetia Town Girls High School. He also the Member of Kharupetia Agriculture Marketing Board for two terms. 

Jnanendra Mohan Saha with then Chairman of KTC Srijut Fateh Chan Sarowgi in a meeting.
He once again became the Ward Commissioner for the period 2005 to 2008. He also president of the Managing Committee of Dhaniram L.P. School and Central Town L.P. School. As the president of the managing Committee of the schools he made a number of developmental works for them. Gour Chandra Saha (Prop. of Malay Bidi Co.) was he beloved friend. Gour Ch. Saha and Jnanendra Mohan Saha established Kharupetia Town Girls' High School and Milan Sangha ( at present Mitali Sangha) for the development of the education of girls and inspiring youths for social works respectively. For his utmost effort Tapoban M.E. School was provincialised.

Jnanendra Mohan Saha in t Uttar Kharupetia Sarbojanin Durga Puja Pandal. He is the founder of this Puja Committee
He was a man ever time smiling face, gentle behaviour and sweet voice. So the people of Kharupetia and its locality called him "Gnyan Babu". He involved himself in every problem of the public and he never disappointed any person who came to him for help.

Jnanenra Mohan Saha with his family members in his Joint Family.
I saw him to wander in the streets of the different wards for knowing the condition of roads, drains, problems of the residents. I also  saw him to involve him in the relief camp of Tapoban M.E. School and Sailabala High School for the distribution of reliefs among the refugees take shelter in them at the time of flood and different disturbance. He was ready to extend his helping hands for the public.In the last body of Kharupetia Town is youngest daughter in law (wife of Dulan) became the Vice-Chairman of Kharupeti Town Committee.
Jnanendra Mohan Saha is in the first Puja of Uttar Kharupetia Durga Puja committee's Pandal
May God keep his soul in peace and heave, it is my conclusion prayer for him.

Saturday, September 6, 2014



        A Blood Donation Camp is held today on 6th Sept., 2014, Saturday at Terapanth Bhawan, Kharupetia Town. 

The camp is organised from Akhil Bharatiya Yuvak Parishad, Kharupetia Branch. The organisation Akhil Bharatiya Yuvak Parishad, was established on 17th Sept. So, relating to its establishment they organized this camp. The camps are also organised in whole country with foreign countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, USA, U.K. etc. in 350 places on this day. 
A Medical team of ten persons of doctors and nursers & technicians from Mangaldai Civil Hospital Blood Bank join in this programme and collect blood from the donors. This movement of Blood Donation is also recorded in the Greenwich Book of Records. The target of Kharupetia Camp is 100 bottles and upto 2 p.m. about 75 bottles of blood collected. 

The programme has also been opened by the Hon'ble Local M.L.A. & Parliamentary Secretary of Govt. of Assam Md. Ilias Ali in the morning by cutting the ribbon. Mr. Nawratan Pandia, Chattered Accountant and Nirmal Kumar Mishara, Head Master of Kharupetia Adarsh Hindi Ucch Vidyalaya has been presented as chief observers of this programme.

 I, Sri Nani Gopal Saha, creator of KHARUPETA TOWN facebook page convey my salute to the organisers of this noble programme for their effort to do something good for the society and human beings.

Monday, August 18, 2014


17TH AUGUST, 2014.

The Opening Ceremony  of New Constructed two storied Office building of Kharupetia Town Committee Building is held today on 17th August, 2014. 
Srijut Ramen Deka, Hon'ble M.P. of 8 No. Mangaldai Loksabha Constituency, Hon'ble Director of Municipal Department Srijut A. Hoque, Hon'ble Deputy Commissioner Srijut M.S. Maniwannan and Srijut Ilias Ali, Hon'ble Parliamentary Secretary of Govt. of Assam, (Irrigation Deptt) and Local M.L.A., 68 No. Dalgaon L.A.C. are presented as Special Guests in the programme. 
  The programme is started at about 11 a.m. Sri Ramen Deka is opened the Statue of Mahatma Gandhi which is set up in front of the Town Committee office building. Then he addressed the presented public of the meeting and makes a short speech for them. 
Then a public meeting is held which is presided over by Sri Asish Nandi, Chairman, Kharupetia Town Committee. He welcomes all the honourable guests with his short but meaningful speech. 
                                Then the public is addressed by the presented guests, Sri Parimal Kumar Dutta, Md. Abdul Ali, Hon'ble D.C. of Darrang, Srijut A. Hoque, Hon'ble Director of Munical Deptt., Govt. of Assam, Sri Budhin Hazarika, Principal of Kharupetia College.
A book in the name "Kharupetia Nagar Samitir Panch Bacharia Kamkajar Khatiyan Aru Parikalpana Year - 2009-2014 is released by the presented guests. Hon'ble MLA 
Md. Ilias Ali is also addressed the presented public and expressed his views for the developmental works and his next plan for Kharupetia Town.
In this programme 12 Nos. beneficiaries under Food Security Act, 2013 are distributed F.I.C. Cards by the Hon'ble D.C., Darrang and the Hon'ble MLA Md. Ilias Ali. The the office building is opened for the public of Kharupetia Town by Md. Ilias Ali with the Other presented guests by cutting the ribbon. 
In the end of the programme the public and guests are distributed packets of sweets.