Thursday, April 24, 2014

Election at Kharupetia Town, on 24th April, 2014 (General Election)

Election at Kharupetia Town, on 24th April, 2014 (General Election)

Voters are standing in rows for casting their votes.
A grate number of women voters are standing in rows for casting their votes.

               With other places of the country the voters of Kharupetia Town has come out from their houses for casting their votes to choose the Member of Parliament of 8 No. Mangaldai Lok Sabha Constituency as this town is under this Mangaldai Lok Sabha Constituency.

Voter are standing in rows for casting their votes.
              There are 12 Nos. candidates are in the polling competition. Some of them are Sri Ramen Deka from B.J.P. Party which is also an existing M.P. of this constituency, Sri Madhab Rajbangshi from A.G.P. Party and a former M.P. of this constituency, Sri Kirip Chaliha from Congress Party, Sri Paresh Baishya from A.I.U.D.F. party, who is a silent candidate (he made no campaign) , Miss. Namrata Sarma from Aam Admi Party etc.

Women voters are in rows in the polling station.
           The voter public of this town has come out from their house leaving all domestic works after 6 a.m. in the morning in large number to cast their votes. The interest of the voters is notice able. The new voters are very excited to cast their first votes in their lives. There are 8 words in this town and the polling stations are made at Sailabala High School, Kharupetia H.S. School, Kharupetia Town Girls High School , Tapoban L.P. School and Kharupetia Town L.P. School. Upto 12 Noon about 35 percent votes have been cast.

After casting votes Dr. Parimal Kumar Dutta, Ph.D., Head of the Deptt. of Sanskrit, Kharupetia College.

After casting Votes , the voters are showing their signs of voting in their fingers.

Monday, January 27, 2014



This year also the 65th Republic Day was celebrated centrally at Kharupetia Town Field organized by KHARUPETIA TOWN COMMITTEE and the members of TIGER CLUB offered their helping hands in this programme for smooth functioning it. Over thousand people including the respected and intellectual persons, fire service personals, workers from Kharupetia 30 beded hospital, police personnels from Kharupetia Police Station, all the word commissioners of Kharupetia Town Committee were also attended in this programme. 

About 8-30 a.m. SRI ASISH NANDI (JOY), Hon'ble Chairman of Kharupetia Town Committee hoisted the National Flag with the co-operation of Sri Pradip Sarkar, Sri Dibakar Nandi and Sri Partha Chakraborty (all are the employees of K.T.C.). Then the police personnels showed their guard of honour and parade. The the Chairman addressed the hon'ble public of Kharupetia Town with his speeches in which he mentioned all the schemes and developmental works which were done and would be done in near future from this present body of Town committee. He also requested the public to be active and make co-operation to the representatives of KTC for doing the developmental work more smoothly and perfectly. 

After Chairman's speech cultural programme was delivered. Some devotional songs were sung by the students of Sailabala High School, Kharupetia Town Girls' High School, Tiger Sangeet Vidyalaya and Mitali Sangeet Vidyalaya. The the children of Tiger Sangeet Vidyalaya and Mitali Sangeet Vidyalaya performed dance programme which the festival made more and more coloured. The dance programme were managed by Sri Chanchal Dutta, Cultural Secretary of Tiger Club and Miss Krishna Saha, dance teacher of Tiger Sangeet Vidyalaya of Kharupetia. 

A local artist Sri Gour Sutradhar sang a sweet devotional song. The dance programme of the youth students of Tiger Sangeet Vidyalaya was praiseworthy. After finishing cultural programme the presented students and children are distributed sweets from the Organizing committee. Then the Musical Chair event was started among the girls. 

A pretty Cricket Match was also arranged between Kharupetia Town Committee 11th Versus Kharueptia Teachers 11th. All the programmes were enjoyed by the public of Kharupetia peacefully and they encouraged the participants by the more and more claps.

Thursday, September 5, 2013




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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 10 Nos. Celing Fan Distribution By STATE BANK OF INDIA, KHARUPETIA BRANCH

President is addressing the presented public and students after taking his chair.
Today the 22nd May, 2013 Wednesday, 10 Nos. Ceiling Fan have been distributed at Kharupetia Gopal Nagar L.P. School Hall in a meeting by the Baranch Manager Mr. Tapan Ch. Das, State Bank of India, Kharupetia Branch under the scheme of Bank " Community Services Banking Donation of Ceiling Fans". 5 fans to Gopal Nagar L.P. School and 5 fans to Punia M.E. Madrassa. On behalf of the School Managing Committee Head Master Khandakar Mahbub Hussain of Gopal Nagar LP School and Md. Junab Ali, Headmaster of Punia M.E. Madrassa have received the fans from Mr. T. K. Das, Branch Manager, SBI, Kharupetia Branch.
Mr. Tapan Ch. Das, Branch Manager of SBI, Kharupetia Branch is giving away the fans to the Headmastger of Gopal Nagar L.P. School, Kharupetia
The B.M. of SBI is giving away the Fans to the HM of Punia M.E. Madrassa
 In this distribution meeting the Member of School Committee , a few public and students have been presented. The meeting has been presided over by Md. Abdul Matin, Co-ordinator of SSA. Teacher Babita Saha, Junab Ali, Khandakar M. Hussain, Bipad Bhanjan Shil have addressed to the presented persons and pupils and thanked the Barnch Manager for Selection this School for Distribution and the Bank for their such beneficiary scheme and effort. After over the meeting the presented persons have been served light tiffin  and sweets. I congratulate the authority Bank for their this job and urge to extend the same widely.
Mr. Tapan Ch. Das, B.M. of S.B.I. is addressing the presented public and students.

Monday, May 20, 2013


A public meeting of Greater Kharupetia area has been held today on 19th May, 2013, Sunday at the community hall in the premises of Kharupetia Ramkrishna Sevashram, Above one thousand respected public, intelectual persons, teachers, social workers etc. have been presented in this meeting. It has been started at about 12 noon and ended at 3 p.m. The meeting has been presided over by Sri Dilip Kr. Roy. In the dice Ranjit Sarkar (Nandu), Santosh Toshniwal (famous businessman), Ananda Saha (Ex-Ward Commissioner of Kharupetia Town Committee, Sri Akhil Saha (Bhanu), Ex-Chairman of KTC, Sri Dhanpat Dugar (President of Wholesale Gala Marchant Association), Asish Nandi, Chairman of Kharupetia Town Committee, Sri Hrishikesh Chakraborty, Headmaster of Sailabala High School, Sri Dilip Kumar Roy, Ex-Vice Chairman of KTC, Dr. Parimal Kumar Dutta, Ph.D. (Head of Department, Sanskrit, Kharupetia College, Sri Sanjib Kr. Saha, Ex-Teacher of Sailabala High School, Sri Ajit Kr. Dutta, Ex-Manager of LICI & Social Worker, Sri Bholaram Kanoo, Welknown businessman and a senior citizen, Sri Promod Ranjan Saha, Ex-Vice Chaidrman, KTC, Naga Pagal Baba of Trinath Ashram, Sri Ananda Saha, Word Commissioner of KTC, and Sri Debesh Shil. After wide discussion and taking unanimous resolution an organization has been constituted in name "BRIHATTAR KHARUPETIA HINDU AIKYA MANCHA". 

All the presented persons in the meeting have expressed the necessity of such organization for the self protection of the public mainly Hindus from the force and pressure of outside of this locality and other community.

An Executive Committee has also been constituted for functioning of this organization.

1) President ------------ Sri Nitish Ghosh (Lama)
2) Vice President-.... Sri Dhanpatjee Dugar, Sri Pawan Jha & Sri Nimai Saha.
3) Secretary .......... Sri Akhil Ch. Saha (Bhanu) & Sri Ranjit Sarkar (Nandu)
4) Asst. Secy ........ Sri Guddu Tiwari, Sri Bijay Joysowal,
5) Cashier ............. Sri Narayan Das & Sri Prabir Saha.
6) Publicity Secy .... Sri Sraban Jha.
7) Org. Secy. .......... Sri Ashok Saha & Miss Krishna Saha.
Complete Committee will be published next Sunday